Buy Lyrica Online | Generic Lyrica(Pregabalin) | Lyrica 300mg, 150mg, 75mg Without Prescription

28th May 2020

Buy Lyrica Online | Generic Lyrica(Pregabalin) | Lyrica 300mg,150mg,75mg Without Prescription

Lyrica contains the active ingredient pregabalin. The drug is used as an antiepileptic, anticonvulsant agent. You can buy Lyrica online if you have a doctor’s prescription. Control over the sale of the drug is carried out due to the fact that it is sometimes used as a drug. You can easily buy cheap Lyrica if you search for the drug by the active ingredient, and not by the trade name.

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Instructions for use

The drug was originally prescribed as a medication for the treatment of epilepsy. It has an anticonvulsant effect, giving the same effect as antidepressants. It was widely used in narcology to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Alas, Lyric’s pills from highs will quickly transfer a person to an impressive list of side effects. Since 2012, the drug has been sold only by prescription precisely because of the increased number of drug addicts “under the lyrics”.

The drug contains pregabalin – this active substance affects the opioid receptors of the human brain. As a result, pain is reduced, and an anticonvulsant effect appears. The drug has worked well in the treatment of generalized anxiety symptoms. Analogs of the drug contain substances similar in action, for example, Algerika, Gabana.

The Lyrica instructions indicate doses for the treatment of certain diseases – from 150 to 600 mg per day. In addition, withdrawal from the drug should be gradual – the dose is reduced daily. After stopping the medication, reactions such as nausea, depression, excessive sweating, chills and lack of appetite are possible.

The effect of the drug “Lyra” is similar to that of heroin – a person feels euphoria, relaxation, and bliss. Some have a surge of strength and extraordinary love for everyone around them.

Pregabalin is a synthetic substitute for a synthetic analogue of gamma-aminobutyric acid. Absorption is fast enough, which is what drug addicts use. In addition, pregabalin is not detected by standard tests; it can only be detected by chemical and toxicological analysis of human biomaterial.

Like any other drug, Lyrica has an impressive list of side effects: limb tremors, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, increased sweating, hallucinations, dry mucous membranes, bloating, lack of sexual desire and erection. Due to frequent diarrhea, it is possible to flush out all nutrients from the body, in particular calcium, which threatens osteoporosis.

Memory gaps, so characteristic of many drug addicts, are also relevant when taking Lyrica. The person may not remember what happened an hour or a day ago.

The drug almost completely eliminates libido. At the same time, problems with potency may not be resolved even after the cancellation of the Lyrica intake. Cases of infertility are known.

Where can you buy

You can buy generic Lyrica if you have a doctor’s prescription in hand. The prescription can be in electronic or paper format. Typically, this drug is prescribed by neuropathologists, psychiatrists, and sometimes physicians. Cheap Lyrica is sold online under the following names: Pregabalin, Algerica, Pregabio, etc. “Where can I buy cheap Lyrica online?” – ask your doctor. Most likely, the doctor will tell you the address of a specialized pharmacy that has the right to dispense such drugs.