Diet is much more significant than ever for 2015?

23rd January 2015

We all hope to live longer and healthier lives than our ancestors but an unhealthy mouth can indicate ones chances of this could be at risk. “Oxidative stress” is the buzz – word referring to a free radical imbalance at the biomolecular level brought about by the increasingly harmful 21st century foods we choose to eat. A recent Swiss TV show a bit like Big Brother took volunteers prepared to live in a stone age created environment for 4 weeks. They ate a stone age diet of chicken, goat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes, stone-ground bread and milk. They did not brush their teeth either for this period.

Logic would expect that, apart cheap ativan with overnight delivery from bad breath coming from their bacteria plaque ridden mouths, their gums would be bleeding, swollen and in a pretty bad state. The outcome however was very surprising. Their gums bled less and were actually healthier. We now know that certain foods high in saturated fats, and refined sugars will increase “oxidative stress” induced chronic inflammation. The latest research is suggesting that the more chronic inflammation like gum disease going on in our bodies the more the bodies systems get overloaded and chronic illness
takes over.

If your gums are bleeding, this could be a sign that your lifestyle could be effecting your oral health as much as your brushing techniques and frequency.