Dental Implants now the number treatment option

23rd May 2014

In the last 50 years tooth replacement in dentistry has come from plastic denture teeth to bridge-work to dental implants and recently stem cell research producing the first differentiated teeth. This ‘tooth germ’ differentiating into teeth will be a treatment option in our lifetimes but in the meantime tooth loss in 2014 is best dealt with in many cases with titanium dental implants which were pioneered back  in the 1960’s by Professor Branemark in Sweden.

Previous Dental Implants order ativan cod started off with unsuitable materials and techniques and coupled with high costs and poor success rates were rightly avoided by patients. This is all behind us and the latest dental implant placements are carried out under strict protocols backed up by correctly trained dentists and staff who can produce dental implants at relatively reduced financial outlay, often costing little more now than traditional poorer survival rate treatments like root canal/post crowns or bridgework in tooth replacement.