Dental Specialisation is on the rise…but why?

3rd August 2015

10 years ago there were no specialist dental registers. With increasing diversification within dentistry there are now registers for Prosthdontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endondontics and Paedondontics.

At City Dental Clinic we have Dr Paul Begley registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist in Prosthodontics however like a number of experienced dentists he has diversified due to patient demands into mainly offering endodontics and dental implants. In addition, Dr Robin Beveridge now carries out cosmetic and adult orthodontic cases which also would not be possible without further postgraduate training. There are orthodontic specialists for example who work buy diazepam internet predominately on children and adolescents. However large demand for less complex adult orthodontic solutions are often best dealt with by general dentists with multidisciplinary training.

Whilst we welcome the increase in specialists in dentistry, in many cases with the right postgraduate training now readily available from the many continuing professional development courses patients can still be conveniently treated by general dentists successfully under one roof. Where specialist care is required, it is fortunately easier than ever for patients to get access to this treatment either at or local to City Dental Clinic.