Is it possible that my teeth are still moving?

23rd March 2015

Contrary to popular belief teeth are not fused or ankylosed to the bone like a dental implant and will move throughout your life.
We like and want tooth get topamax online movements like aligning teeth with “Invisalign” but not so happy with splaying of the teeth in advanced gum disease and relapse movements after the teeth have been straightened or ageing.

Stopping unwanted tooth movements will depend on the cause of the tooth movements in the first place. Our “Invisalign” clear aligner orthodontic patients usually maintain their nice straight teeth by wearing a night time removable clear retainer replaced periodically and reordered through the “Invisalign Vivera Retainers scheme”.

Alternatively “Fixed fibre or wire retainers” offer permanent retention particularly for loose gum diseased teeth. However nothing is permanent in dentistry and future maintenance and re-bonding will be required.