Tooth Wear

8th September 2015

Tooth wear and the associated sensitivity has become an increasing dental problem but can anything be done about it? Many of you will have noticed and read dentists can now use and record exceptionally high quality intra- oral images of the teeth. This proves a useful measure for tooth wear whilst referring to any existing patients teeth stone models.
The commonest reason for losing that all important enamel (the 2- 4mm hard protective shell of the tooth) is by night time grinding or “Bruxing”. Additional acidic food and drink consumed just before going to sleep at night is to be avoided as it can soften the precious protective hard enamel tooth layer and accelerate the enamel wear. Sensitivity in these cases follows
where teeth develop areas of exposed dentine (the inner part of the tooth next to the nerve). “Bruxing” can also cause supporting bone loss around the tooth leading to gum recession and exposure of yet more sensitive dentine along the root faces not covered by the hard enamel.