How to whiten your teeth

7th February 2017

How to whiten your teeth Teeth whitening was discovered in the 1980s when dentists discovered that hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth. Teeth whitening as a dental treatment has evolved greatly over the years. If you search online today for teeth whitening products, you will see there are thousands of options. With so many options available, it…

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Tooth Wear

8th September 2015

Tooth wear and the associated sensitivity has become an increasing dental problem but can anything be done about it? Many of you will have noticed and read dentists can now use and record exceptionally high quality intra- oral images of the teeth. This proves a useful measure for tooth wear whilst referring to any existing…

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Dental Specialisation is on the rise…but why?

3rd August 2015

10 years ago there were no specialist dental registers. With increasing diversification within dentistry there are now registers for Prosthdontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endondontics and Paedondontics. At City Dental Clinic we have Dr Paul Begley registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist in Prosthodontics however like a number of experienced dentists he…

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Is it possible that my teeth are still moving?

23rd March 2015

Contrary to popular belief teeth are not fused or ankylosed to the bone like a dental implant and will move throughout your life. We like and want tooth get topamax online movements like aligning teeth with “Invisalign” but not so happy with splaying of the teeth in advanced gum disease and relapse movements after the…

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Diet is much more significant than ever for 2015?

23rd January 2015

We all hope to live longer and healthier lives than our ancestors but an unhealthy mouth can indicate ones chances of this could be at risk. “Oxidative stress” is the buzz – word referring to a free radical imbalance at the biomolecular level brought about by the increasingly harmful 21st century foods we choose to…

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Porcelain v Plastic…which is the winner?

27th May 2014

The original Porcelain and Plastic restorations are not longer used anymore and the dental world talks about ‘Ceramics’ and resin based ‘Composites’ instead. Composites (usually directly placed tooth colour matched fillings) have the advantage of their friendly wear characteristics with natural tooth enamel and the ease of repair if they break. This will tend to…

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Dental Implants now the number treatment option

23rd May 2014

In the last 50 years tooth replacement in dentistry has come from plastic denture teeth to bridge-work to dental implants and recently stem cell research producing the first differentiated teeth. This ‘tooth germ’ differentiating into teeth will be a treatment option in our lifetimes but in the meantime tooth loss in 2014 is best dealt…

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Clear Aligners

4th February 2014

Many of you will now be aware of the new clear aligner technology that is now available in the UK. At City Dental Clinic we now offer the Invisalign System. This has revolutionised the world of adult orthodontics and opened up treatment possibilities for those who understandably until now, did not want the traditional orthodontist…

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3D CT Cone Beam, MRI and mSv levels

9th December 2013

3D digital technology is mentioned everywhere and dentistry is no exception. Hospital CT’s have enabled excellent 3D images using multidirectional xrays fired at the patient. The drawback particularly in dentistry has been the relatively high radiation dosage. Cone beam 3D CT has arrived in dentistry because the dosage can be 1/10 of the hospital CT…

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Hygienist Corner

26th July 2013

More and more patients are wearing dental appliances such as Nightguards, Orthodontic retainers Partial and Full dentures which if you are not careful can aggravate and accelerate any predisposing decay and gum disease. Wherever the dental appliance comes into contact with the teeth and gums this potentially can act as a plaque trap in stagnation…

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